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  • Based on the given context - i.e. achieving specific professional goals - we are chosing the suiting method.
  • Be it personal support and feedback, vision quests, or structured interviews, in any case it will be in a trustful relationship between coachee and coach.
  • For groups we use the synergetic power of combined perspectives.

Business coaching is becoming more and more vital for succesful collaborators in global environments.

Coaching is an integral part of aligning collaboration with personal and organizational visions.

Together we can surface hidden assumptions, work on the vision, and come up with new approaches to a given situation.


Our coaching services comprise:

Leadership and management

  • Executive coaching
  • Team coaching

Personal development

  • Life coaching


NEW! Coaching in a cool atmosphere:

We offer our coachings on site and/or as

a special incentive package in Sardina, Italy.


In Summer, Gabriele Schiller offers her

Life Coaching sessions specially designed for guests

of the Albaruja Hotel, in Sardinia, Costa Rei.

Coaching language is German.


Please feel free to ask us for more details:

  • Many years of coaching experience with international coachees, and personal work experience with global players.

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