Collaboration Umbrella

United Social Networking Experts



  • A constant feedback loop from theory into practice and vice versa ensures that our customers are getting state of the art services.
  • We walk the talk of diversity.
  • We are connected in a flexible community structure, working together as a virtual team and can therefore share our vast knowledge of scientifically analyzed and commercially proven best practice approach with our clients and network partners alike.
  • Our team is bonded by trust - through ups and downs - and we like to work with people who wish to join this bond of trust. Also, according to our clients we are simply pleasant to work with.

Diversity is a very important ingredient for succesful collaboration efforts. We walk the talk, and are a diverse group of social media, networking, community and collaboration experts with a balance of gender, spiritual traditions, educational backgrounds, nationalities, languages and skills, sharing the same vision of global collaboration.

Each of us have demonstrated their skills in diverse international settings for

multinational corporations, NGOs, multi-lateral development organizations, bi-lateral development organizations, government organizations.

Initiated and coordinated by Gabriele Schiller, who has been working together with each of them in numerous international projects, we are offering our services concentrating on the following sectors:

IT, social media, education, environment, healthcare, patent law, pharmaceuticals, and sustainable energy.


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