Collaboration Umbrella

United Social Networking Experts

We are the right choice for projects, that need the combined power of cross-cultural collaboration and social media expertise with a sleek, low overhead approach.

In addition, we offer special life coaching sessions for people interested in adjusting their private and business lives to the rules of the new paradigm on a more personal basis.



Diversity is a very important ingredient for succesful collaboration efforts. We walk the talk, and are a diverse group of social media, networking, community and collaboration experts with a balance of gender, spiritual traditions, educational backgrounds, nationalities, languages and skills, sharing the same vision of global collaboration.

Each of us have demonstrated their skills in diverse international settings for

multinational corporations, NGOs,

multi-lateral development organizations,

bi-lateral development organizations, government organizations.

  • For the past 20 years we have used online collaboration as the way we work and learn. Each of us is personally dedicated to and passionate about collaboration and learning – online and face-to-face – and we are able to share these experiences and “lessons learned” with our clients so they can be successful.
  • Our team’s focus on collaboration is unique in that we embrace collaboration as a good thing to do to enrich people and a workforce, as well as an important ingredient to measureable business results.

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